• Building community means neighbors working together... We understand people’s needs and provide the tools so they can use their abilities to enrich their community
  • Building Homes to meet the need... Whether you want to finance, build, maintain your home - or need a great rental - we can help!
  • Building Lives is about helping you realize your dreams... Want a dynamic savings program? Build your own home? Start a business? Get involved? We can help!
  • Building Community is about supporting the local economy... We help local businesses get started and keep going - we believe in fostering self-sufficiency.
  • Building Homes is about neighbors working together... Our "sweat equity" programs are like old-fashioned barn raising parties - helping each other towards a common purpose.
  • Building Lives is about quality of life... A safe and healthy home. A viable way to make a living. Neighbors who watch out for one another. These build lives now and into the future.

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Asset Building Savings Program

What would you do if a bank offered you 300% interest on your money? Take them up on it! Dream$avers is an Individual Development Account or IDA program that offers just that for youth and adults. We can help you reach your dream by matching every dollar you save, up to $3,000, with another $3 dollars to help you purchase an approved asset. Imagine how fast even a small monthly deposit will add up when your money is quadrupled! Dream$avers will also provide you with training, goal setting and support to help you achieve your savings goal.

NeighborWorks Umpqua personally provides the Dream$avers program in Douglas, Coos and Curry Counties for all 5 savings goals. Our IDA Specialists look forward to working with you on developing your savings goals.

Eligibility Requirements

You may be eligible if you are:

Based on this information, if you believe that you may be eligible and would like to request additional information, please click here.

DreamSavers Success Stories

Dream$avers has made a difference in the lives of many people, helping them go to college, start businesses and buy homes. Since 2003, NeighborWorks Umpqua has helped more than 100 homeowners increase their down payment and reduce their closing costs, assisted 46 small business owners to take a leap into entrepreneurship and made college possible for 129 students.   Read DreamSavers Success Stories

DreamSavers Program Funding

The Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative is supported by funding from the Oregon IDA Tax Credit. The Oregon IDA Tax Credit allows you to support participants like ours and get back a 75% credit on your State tax return. For more information go to  http://ida.neighborhoodpartnerships.org or go to http://ida.tnpf.org/ for more information about the IDA program in your part of the state.

Youth 3A’s Savings Program

Youth as young as 10 can get in on the fun too! The Youth 3A’s program offers the opportunity for youth ages 10 to 17 to save for anything athletic, academic, artistic or entrepreneurial. Learn more about savings for youth



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  • Building Lives

    Resident Services of NW Umpqua Resident Services

    NeighborWorks Umpqua Resident Services gives youngsters a great summer with its Summer Art Classes. They have something creative and fun to do and avoid boredom in front of a TV! more

  • Building Their Dream

    Mutual Self Help Program Mutual Self Help

    With hard work and determination this young family built their own home. Now, knowing every step of the construction process, they maintain the pride of homeownership. more